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          3. 簡體中文     English
            Product Types
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            Filler masterbatch
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            Filler masterbatch
            breathable material
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            In addition to water desiccant


                This masterbatch is mainly made up of water removal materials with high quality, with the carrier of special resin and mixing with related processing agents, and prepared with special device and technology; with good water removal performance, uniform dispersity in matrix resin and good performance, as well as obvious water removal effect and strong processing applicability, it greatly offsets the large investment of traditional water removal device and insufficient complicated technology. Also, it is featured as special materials and addition agents, which brings better tolerance for humid climate. It can also be used within 72 hours after opening the package.   

              Range of application

              It is mainly applied to remove water in HDPE, LDPE film blowing and ABS.


               In general, the traditional production technology can satisfy requirements for this masterbatch, so the device and production technology shall not be replaced during detailed production. That is to say, mix with the matrix resin as per certain percentage, stir uniformly and feed. Recommended percentage of addition: 1%-5% (weight ratio). For detailed volume of addition, depend on the water content of materials.

              Packaging and store

                Double-packaging, carton packing for external surface and water-proof polythene and vacuum bag for internal surface. The net weight of each bag is 5KG. There are 5 bags in each box and the net weight is 25KG/bag. It shall be stored in the dry place with good ventilation, low temperature and away from light. Be attention to preventing water and damp. The product performance may be affected by the moisture, so it shall be run out as soon as possible after opening the package. The guarantee period under sealed storage condition is 4 months.


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