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          3. 簡體中文     English
            Product Types
            Filler masterbatch
            Drawing filling
            Filler masterbatch
            ABS filled masterbat
            PS Filler masterbatc
            Filler masterbatch
            breathable material
            Pipe extrusion
            Drying agent
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            Color Masterbatch
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            Foamed polyethylene
            Foamed polyethylene
            Environmental protec
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            Environmental protection foaming Masterbatch
            F-05 for a good dispersion of the composite foaming agent, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution. In the microspheres after the heat expansion forming foam, has good expansion ratio and elasticity of soft foam products, widely used in all kinds of thermoplastic elastomer. Foam microspheres under high temperature, pore fine uniform product rebound excellent gas, excellent dispersion effect. Recommended add: injection molding 0.8 to 3%, extrusion 0.5 to 3%.
            Product parameters:Model: F-05
                         Appearance: white particles
                         Starting temperature: 140
                         Decomposition temperature: 145-220
                         Effective content: 58%
            Application area:EVA,EBA、TPE(SEBS、SBS)、TPO、TPU、TPV、PE(HD,LD,MD)、PP、PS.Sole foam; sealing strip (automotive use, etc.); other packaging and other areas need to foam.
            Packing:20kg/ package. Kraft paper bag packaging. Pay attention to prevent bask in moisture.


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