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          3. 簡體中文     English
            Product Types
            Filler masterbatch
            Drawing filling
            Filler masterbatch
            ABS filled masterbat
            PS Filler masterbatc
            Filler masterbatch
            breathable material
            Pipe extrusion
            Drying agent
            Color concentrate
            Black mother
            Color Masterbatch
            Functional mtbach
            Foamed polyethylene
            Foamed polyethylene
            Environmental protec
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            E-mail: wang_ditan@163.com
            Website: www.shyfpt.com
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            Mr Wang: 15002111758
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            About Us Current position: Home -> About Us

              Shanghai Xiner New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is located in No. 6133, Daya Rd., Tairi Industrial Park, Fengxian District Shanghai with convenient traffic and good location. The company covers more than 40,000 sq.m., the area of modern plant is more than 23,000sq.m., and the annual production capacity is more than 30,000 tons.

               Our company is one of Shanghai new high-tech enterprises, Fengxian little giant science & technology enterprises and pilot enterprises of patents with the integration of scientific research, production and sales. Also, our company is vice-president unit of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, vice chairman unit of modified plastics committee of CPPIA, vice president unit of degradation committee of CPPIA and vice president unit of Shanghai Plastics Industry Association and also the production base with scientific experiments of modified plastics committee of CPPIA. Our company’s various masterbatch products and degradable plastic products have achieved the honor of “High quality and Well-known Products of Shanghai Plastics Industry”. Since the establishment, Our company has been implementing the principle of “Quality First”, and also passed the new edition certificate of ISO9001:2008 QS.

               Our company regards the new low carbon materials and new energy saving products as the direction of production and development. The main products include modified low carbon masterbatch, color masterbatch, environmental electrolytic cell and yacht and other new plastic alloy products. Our company has a strong technical strength, dozens of superior and intermediate engineers and a large number of staff with proficient knowledge in production business and skillful operation, and top equipment for production and scientific research. For a long term, Our company has been focusing on the modification for various materials and innovative production for environmental and energy-saving products. So far, Our company has achieved more than 30 patents with proprietary intellectual property rights. Our company has possessed the export and import certificate, our products and technologies have been spreat to the southeast Asia countries such as Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and European and American markets.  

              We warmly welcome calls and visits of friends and clients from each industry and concerns to Xiner. We will implement the high-quality idea of “advanced technology, leading quality, preferential service” in our production and service to provide sincere service to you and cooperate with you to create a better future together!


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